The Wellness Project

Engaging, innovative and evidence-based solutions to foster sustainable mental Wellbeing for children, students, their families and teachers in the United Arab Emirates.




Bringing Wellness into Classrooms

Teaches emotional vocabulary, emotional awareness and empathy

Enhances social abilities and confidence

Strengthens resilience

Provides coping techniques for stress-full situations

Calms the nervous system and teaches us to self-regulate

Increases the sense of self-love and self-care

A worrying amount of recent studies find rising numbers of declines in students' mental health and increases of the prevalence of student anxiety, social and academic stress and an inability to cope with demands in children from a young age, as well as teenagers.

However, what we disregard is that we live in a world that our brains are not yet adapted to. Since the onset of the industrial revolution, information overload has caused significant losses of our mental capacity and decreased mental health!

Supportive Wellness programming has strong scientific evidence for success!


The benefits of student's mental health and wellness programs is well documented and verified.

It has been found that these benefits may include:




Fostering sustainable Wellness for Students, Families and Teachers

The Wellness Project consists of 3 main components, which can either be taught individually, or within the course of a term as an extra-curricular program.


Interactive and engaging sessions to explore mindfulness, breathing exercises and variety of coping techniques to enhance focus, concentration and overall wellbeing. The concept of stress management is explained in an age-appropriate manner and the physiological symptoms of relaxation and stress are outlined. Children will be taught how to express and connect with their feelings and emotions.


These educational sessions explore the collation between our nutrient intake and brain function. How can our food make us smarter, happier, and healthier? Small experiments are included to enhance the learning effect and sustained memory of the discoveries. Oxygen and increased blood circulation are the biggest nourishers of our brain, hence movement plays an important role in our sessions.


Building onto the previous learnings and discoveries, these sessions provide even more individualized tips and exercises to remain stress-free and relaxed even in triggering circumstances. Participants get to explore different techniques and will even learn how to create their very own stress busters! A foundational element of stress-free development are confidence and self-love, which will be fostered throughout the program.


The Wellness Project is rolled out in four stages:

Stage I:

Modules delivered to children and students

Stage II:

Sessions for teachers

Stage III:

Seminars for families

Stage IV:

Training of interested teachers to continue the program


The Wellness Project is not just a short-term intervention but is designed to create a sustainable long¬term Wellness Culture!

Teachers experiencing burn-out, frustration and stress, just like students, and equally benefit from the modules. To enable parent and family engagement, and to continue the Wellness Culture beyond the classroom, the families will have access to online seminars. Students can share their learnings with their families and caretakers. In Stage IV, dedicated teachers and staff members become Wellness Culture Ambassadors and can ensure the continued success.

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Tash Enriquez has developed the Created Coaching methodology after over 15 years of successfully impacting people's lives in the Wellness Industry.

After her first degree in Fitness Management, she furthered her education continuously, finally achieving a postgraduate diploma in Sports and Exercise Science and Medicine.

Natascha is an ICF certified Life Coach (Results Certified Coaching, Organizational Relationships and Systems Coach) and Horse-Guided Empowerment Coach.

She is a keynote speaker, motivational speaker and online coach.

From 2016 until 2021, Tash worked as a Wellness Specialist at New York University, Abu Dhabi, gaining deep insight into the importance of student wellbeing programs. She successfully developed and implemented student, staff and faculty wellbeing programs.

In 2021, Created Coaching was given the opportunity to deliver the six months Takween Program for the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, developing and delivering 'Mindful Movement', 'Created Kitchen', and parent seminars with varying topics to the wider Abu Dhabi community.

At the core of her coaching methodology is education about physiological principles and self-empowerment.

Tash is passionate about enabling individuals of all ages to be in charge of their own path to an improved lifestyle, wellbeing and happiness!


Natascha, you changed my life! You introduced me and guided me when I first started training, and that has been empowering me and feeding into my physical and mental strength ever since. Furthermore, you guided me to finding my true purpose and to really finding myself, assisting me gently throughout my time at NYUAD. I am so grateful for your guidance and always un-judgmental presence. May Allah continue to give you thousands of blessings.



"Corporate wellness initiatives come and go, but Natascha’s approach is not only highly impactful, it also has sustainable benefits. When she and I worked together for some years, she introduced a program that made a significant impact on our HR team, and across our organization.

As Director for Learning & OD, I was intrigued by her proposition: “Introduce short meditative sessions for staff in the course of the working day, and you will see a decrease in stress and an increase in productivity.”

Calling them POWER BREAKS, we invited staff to participate in a 5-minute meditation, twice a week, led by Natascha. Together with a fair number of staff, I took up the invitation. I was quite amazed at the impact this had on me and the team. Besides the immediate benefit of the relaxation and breathing, I found the effects stayed with me through the rest of the day, leaving me more focused and productive. This led me to explore further, and I am now a regular meditator, still getting the benefit of something started by Natascha, many years later. I highly recommend her holistic approach to wellness and coaching."